All about pet birds

Hi, and welcome to Bird Advice. Our goal is to bring you everything related to Pet Birds. The site is all about pet birds, this also includes everything that you need to keep your future (or current) bird happy. all about pet birds

We will also be focusing on bringing you the best deals we can find around the web for your pet bird and ours. so also expect high quality reviews of pet bird products and recommendations.

Since we are all about pet birds, we will also write articles regarding how to train certain pet Birds, The types of food you can give them, what to do and not to do when near your bird , How to buy a pet bird and even give you information regarding the best pet insurance you can get. all about pet birds

We know a lot of our readers will have questions and if you are one of them, just contact us and we will make sure to answer your question, and if your question can help our other readers, we will even write an article about it! this way we can help you and all the other people who might stumble upon the same problem.

So before finishing this post i would like to mention once again that this site is all about pet birds and we wont be focusing on other pet animals that you can keep.
We hope that the information will help you keep your pet bird happy. A lot of people make the mistake of getting a bird without the right knowledge and this often results in birds plucking their own feathers out because they are stressed and not taken good care of.

Birds need the right type of attention and we are here to make sure they get what they deserve and that you can enjoy your pet bird for a long time.